ProRows all new Iphone "Pitch Gauge"

The all new Pro-Row Pitch Gauge is available from the Apps Store for only £10.99.

Ever wonder why that blade/scull is washing out at the finish or diving deep at the catch, it's because of the pitch!

Question like, do I have the correct pitch, is my foot plate at the correct angle are now a thing of the past!

Know what pitch is in you swivels, know what pitch you have built in on your blades or sculls with the ProRow Pitch Gauge.

Be in total contol of your performance, just place, calibrate and place against the swivel/foot plate and adjust, it's that simple!




     The Pro-Row Fleece "Hand Crafted" Rowing/Sculling/Adaptive/Ergo Seat pads give ultimate softness support and comfort from 100% natural sheepskins which are the essential seat pad for all athletes involved in rowing and sculling.
Will Tew (GB Gold Medallist) always uses Pro-Row seat pads for all his training.
The Pro-Row Seat Pads are proven to help eliminate and prevent pressure sores also the seat pad can reduce the occasional infections that can appear when rowing and sculling at every level.
Pro-Row seat pads are both cool and breathable, keeping you dry and non-sticky all day long. The tanning of the Pro-Row seat pads is so specialised it ensures the seat pads never loose their flexibility  or suppleness. 


"Pro-Row pad's are washable at temperatures of up to 60°C and can be tumble-dried". 
Problems can occur with continued repetition at pivot points. Because of our human design and that we are not machines, the human physiology gives an early indication of what happening when we train regularly, pain in the gluteus (the bum)!

Having been involved with rowing for some forty years and having experienced the agony of long training sessions both on the water and on the ergo I thought that it was time to give the rowers and scullers something to ease the pain associated with training.


 "With Pro-Row, just simply place & row..."